How to clean up the Apothecary Jar once my candle is done?

Option 1: Keep the jar to freezer and next day pop-out the remaining wax out. Option 2: If the remaing wax has thin layer, add hot water let it sit for a while. Remove the thin layer wax float. Scrape off rest of the wax with a dull knife. Wash with hot soapy water and rinse off. Hand wash recommended.

What wax are the candles made of?

We make our candles from luxurious coconut soy nature wax free of praffin, vegan and also we have pure beeswax candles available.

How do you scent the candle?

We scent our candles with pure essential oils and with the blend of premium fragrance oil to strengthen the scent they free of Phthalates and Prop 65 Warning.

Can I return the used Candle jars?

Reuse the candle jars with your unbounded imagination! Unfortunatelty due to Covid-19 we are not collected back the jars. Hoping to open again the recycle program soon!