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Simple tips to stay relax at home

Simple 5 tips to stay relax at home :

My first tip is too... DO NOT WATCH too much news! Hey, I was there in the same situation, watching too much of news of what's happening around the world with COVId-19, creates unknown anxiety and stress.

  1. Keeping a daily routine will help you to ease up.

  2. Meditate for just 20 mins every morning, helps to reduce the anxiety and stress

  3. Small stroll walk or simple stretch or Surya Namaskar will help the body to relax.

  4. As we are in the spring season, try to start your spring cleaning, don't get overboard with it too :)

  5. Last and most important is being with your family by cooking together, watching movies, playing and on and on...

Enjoy the beauty of the imperfection!

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